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Seminar Title: Govenment Bus Policy space available book at
Description: The publication of ‘Buses Back Better’ (the government’s bus strategy for England) in March marked a very clear shift from previous policies, notably in imposing franchising or partnerships (under existing powers in the Bus Services Act 2017), rather than the stress on competition within this sector since deregulation in 1986. Local authorities will have a much greater involvement in network development. The seminar will examine the rationale behind this change, and its future implications. Although the strategy is specific to England, very similar underlying issues and policy responses arise in Wales and Scotland, which will also be discussed. Related statistical questions will be examined, including the use of operator-reported data vis a vis the NTS (in England), and differences with practice in Wales and Scotland. Issues such as measuring the average (and distribution) of distances users walk to bus stops, trends in average fare paid, and carbon emissions are also crucial to monitoring performance and network planning.
Seminar Date: 15 June 2021
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