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Past TSUG seminars

Date Title
October-2018Encouraging and monitoring cycling
July-2018Inv Appraisal - **Postponed**
June-2018Developments in low cost airlines
March-2018International Comparisons: European Statistics
February-2018The Northern Powerhouse
November-2017Test 3
October-2017Rail Growth (test seminar)
September-2017Test 2
March-2017Maritime Statistics: Challenges and Opportunities
January-2017The National Travel Survey
December-2016Comparing and Integrating Data Sources
November-2016Mobility for Older People
October-2016Britain's Road Safety Record
October-2016Britians Road Safety Record (use this one)
September-2016Air Quality
July-2016Transport Appraisal
May-2016Internet and Travel Behaviour
May-2016London-Manchester: Are they travelling in the same direction?
April-2016Using Census Data
March-2016Aviation Statistics
February-2016City Regions and Hinterlands
January-2016Data presentation for non-technical audiences
December-2015Measures of Mobility and the Road Network in London
November-2015Transport and Economic Development
October-2015Strategic Road Network
September-2015Celebrating 50 years of the National Travel Survey
July-2015Ground Access to Heathrow
June-2015Attitudes to Travel: What the Evidence Shows
May-2015Reducing Crime on the Transport Network: The Role of Data
April-2015Traffic, Collection Technology and Congestion
March-2015Road Safety
February-2015Smart Travel
January-2015Big Data
December-2014Tram and Bus Services
November-2014Cycling and Safety
October-2014Travel Surveys
September-2014Disability and Impairment
July-2014Workshop: Presentation of Statistics
June-2014Links Between Transport and Energy Policies
June-201414th Annual Scottish Statistics Seminar
May-2014Aspects of Rail and Urban Logistics
April-2014High Speed Rail 2
March-2014International Transport Statistics
February-2014Airport Demand Forecasting
January-2014Implication of population changes
December-2013National Travel Survey Analysis
November-2013Road casualty statistics - are they telling us what we want to know?
September-2013Tourism Statistics
Retailing in transition--implications for logistics and transport.
Congestion - statistics and analysis
April-2013Rail Performance
March-2013Visualising Transport Data
February-2013London 2012 Olympics: Travel Planning Review
Attitudes to Transport
London & SE Aviation and Airport Planning
Bus Statistics
October-2012Using Datasets
July-2012Crowd Sourced Transport Data
June-2012Reducing costs and maintaining revenues: Experience of UK transport in the downturn.
May-2012Greening Freight Transport: Operational, Technological and Modal Means
Peak Car - trends in car ownership and driving licence availability
March-2012Multimodal Safety - with a Focus on Rail Safety
February-2012Olympics Transport Plans and Transport and Tourism
January-2012Accessibility Data and Modelling
December-2011National Travel Survey update and uses of GIS in Transport Planning
November-2011Calculating Train & Bus Loading from Statistical Data
October-2011The Effects on Travel Patterns of Recent Transport Investments
September-2011International Passenger Survey and Civil Aviation Authority Data
July-2011Less Obvious Sources of Transport Statistics
June-2011Freight statistics: scope and collection, and some new results
June-201111th Annual Scottish Seminar
May-2011Transport's Environmental Impact
April-2011Vehicle Monitoring Data (including Monitoring National Fuel Consumption)
March-2011Census 2011: the Implications for Transport Users
February-2011London Travel Demand - New Data and Ideas
January-2011Air Travel Trends and Forecasts
December-2010Rural Transport (and Annual General Meeting)
November-2010TSUG and CILT Conference: Transport and the Money Squeeze
November-2010Autumn Welsh Seminar: Travel Plans and the Development Control Process
October-2010Journey Through Department for Transport Statistics
September-2010Demand Forecasting: The Experience of High Speed Rail
July-2010Evaluation of Measures to Encourage Walking and Cycling
June-2010Can't Get No Satisfaction from Local Surveys
June-2010Summer Welsh Seminar
May-2010Eurostat and the Office of National Statistics
April-201010th Scottish Seminar (held with the Transport Research Institute in Edinburgh)
April-2010Bus Punctuality
April-2010Peak Car
February-2010Accessibility and Travel Planning
January-2010Reviving Local Railways
December-2009Sustainability and Transport
November-2009Welsh Seminar: Latest Developments in Statistics in Wales and Concessionary Fares
November-2009Recession and Transport Planning
October-2009Travel limits: is Demand for Transport Nearing Saturation?
September-2009Reducing Road Freight: The Experience
July-2009UK Investment in Transport Infrastructure
June-2009GIS in Transport Planning
May-2009Road Safety Statistics
April-2009Active Traffic Management
March-2009Road Congestion Statistics
February-2009Passenger Surveys—Rail and Air
January-2009Measuring the Importance of Shipping to the UK Economy
November-2008Better Publicly Available Statistics on Vehicle Characteristics
October-2008The Role of Motor Cycling in the 21st Century
July-2008Multi-Modal Safety
June-2008Scheme appraisal: walking & cycling
May-2008Transport and the environment the impact of global warming upon transport assets and travel behaviour
March-2008Transport and health
February-2008The wider impacts of transport projects
January-2008Statistics shaping Scottish transport policy ( with the Transport Research Institute - held in Edinburgh)
December-2007AGM: Communicating transport issues to the public - statistics vs. perceptions
November-2007Transport planning tools
October-2007Invigorating bus services
September-2007Delivering a sustainable railway
June-2007Statistics in a key private sector how well is rail freight served?
May-2007Energy use in freight transport
April-2007Developments in road safety statistics
March-2007Maritime statistics data system National Statistics Review
February-2007Transport and Social Inclusion
January-2007Demography and transport European trends and safety issues affecting older drivers
December-2006AGM: Road Pricing and congestion charging
November-20067th annual Scottish statistics seminar (jointly with the Transport Research Institute - held in Edinburgh)
November-2006Road traffic statistics
October-2006The National Travel Survey - new developments
September-2006London transport statistics - Gathering data now to plan for future growth
July-2006Vehicle purchasing behaviour
June-2006Planning the transport arrangements for the 2012 London Olympics
May-2006Patterns of UK import trades, as part of global freight developments and implications for the UK
March-2006Aviation statistics and the European Emission Trading Scheme
February-2006Transport and Social Inclusion
January-2006Bus and light rail statistics
November-2005Transport statistics meeting the challenges? (all day conference)
November-2005AGM Monitoring congestion
October-20056th annual Scottish statistics seminar (jointly with the Transport Research Institute - held in Edinburgh)
October-2005Road transport and the environment
September-2005Cycling statistics
July-2005Dual-mode vehicles
June-2005Rail safety statistics and risk models
May-2005Maritime statistics seafarers and port statistics
April-2005National Travel Survey
February-2005Urban transport benchmarking a European dimension
December-2004AGM Transport survey quality
November-2004Freight, road congestion and transport modelling (held in Edinburgh)
November-2004The International Passenger Survey (IPS) and its use by Government and travel sector
October-2004Forecasting the context for transport policy
October-2004Statistics in support of policy - East Midlands a case study (held in Nottingham)
October-2004Review of road traffic and road length statistics
June-2004Charging for road use the attraction and the practical economics
May-2004Satellite tracking and positioning - the potential for statistics
April-2004Dissemination of transport statistics (jointly with RSS)
March-2004Achieving sustainable accessibility meeting the challenge 2004 (jointly with Welsh TRC - in Pontypridd)
February-2004New surveys of vans and foreign vehicles
January-2004Making your data work harder by sharing it
December-2003AGM Travel by older persons assessing the pedestrian environment; and improving rural accessibility
November-2003London congestion charging its effects and implications
October-2003Traffic in cities - impact and control (held in Leeds)
September-2003Transport indicators ? where to? (held in Edinburgh)
July-2003Traffic Statistics Quality Review, and revisions to the traffic estimates
June-2003Key Performance Indicators for Local Transport Plans
April-2003National Travel Survey incentives project the joined-up data project
March-2003Statistics for airport planning sources and uses
January-2003Road Safety Statistics Quality Review
December-2002AGM Road freight statistics - recent developments
November-2002London Congestion Charging - its effects and implications
October-2002Congestion indicators (jointly with RSS)
October-2002The South Coast Corridor Multi-Modal Study (SoCoMMS)
September-2002Statistics for transport delivery (held in Edinburgh)
June-2002UK Railway statistics ? use and availability
May-2002Road freight surveys National Statistics Quality Review consultation (jointly with DTLR and ILT)
April-2002A road map for European transport statistics
March-2002Transport in Wales - meeting the challenge 2002 (held in Pontypridd)
February-2002Maritime statistics
January-2002Bus and Coach Statistics
November-2001AGM Road traffic monitoring statistics
September-2001Transport indicators
September-2001Innovations in transport statistics for Scotland (held in Edinburgh)
July-2001Transport, travel and tourism theme work plan
April-2001Parking supply within London and parking management
March-2001London transport strategy
January-2001Transport and social exclusion
November-2000AGM Road safety statistics
November-2000The transport information needs of the North of England (held in Sheffield)
September-2000Airport access
September-2000National Statistics user consultation the National Travel Survey
May-2000How do you get to the Millennium Dome?
April-2000Transport statistics for a devolved Scotland (held in Edinburgh)
March-2000Freight statistics
February-2000The transport information needs of a devolved Wales (held in Cardiff)
January-2000Sustainability measures and indicators
November-1999AGM Effective use of the internet for transport statistics
October-1999Monitoring local transport plans [One-day conference with Landor Conferences]
September-1999Bus priority routes in London
Speed surveys, and the London door-to-door journey time surveys
The EU Maritime Statistics Directive
AGM How many people use the national rail system?
Sources and applications of statistics to monitor cycling and walking
New statistics for new policies data requirements for monitoring White Paper policies on traffic and transport
Trip generation and induced traffic
UK international origin and destination surveys
Cross Channel statistics
AGM Developments in official transport statistics publications and information policy
Using planning data for rail operational purposes
Recent developments in the National Travel Survey
Customer satisfaction surveys
Vehicle emission data collection and modelling
Towards a European aviation database
High speed railways
AGM The impact of Manchester's Metrolink
Red routes and traffic monitoring
Parking statistics
New developments in the National Travel Survey
The development of tourist statistics
Incidents on motorways
Air travel demand forecasting
Port and trade statistics
The effects of the privatisation of British Rail
London Area Transport Survey (LATS) 1991
AGM Statistics for short journeys
Private sector funding for public transport
New techniques for data analysis transport applications of neural networks
Bus and coach statistics
CAA airport surveys
October-1992Transport statistics for environmental assessment
European transport statistics
Trip generation
April-1992Air transport statistics
February-1992Planning passenger railways
Road and pedestrian accident statistics
Channel Tunnel rail link
Road accident statistics
The use of postcodes for gazetteering
The data requirements for forecasts of Channel Tunnel traffic
Red routes the pilot priority route
The use of commercial vehicle statistics
The use of transport statistics in the tourist industry
AGM Road capacity and traffic congestion
Surveys, analysis and design for pedestrians and cyclists
Stated Preference surveys
Railway travel surveys and statistics
London Area Transport Survey (LATS)
AGM The availability, reliability and need for statistics in the bus & coach industry
TRANSTAT '89 Developments in transport statistics up to and beyond 1992 and the Channel Tunnel
Air and sea passenger travel surveys
Traffic forecasting today and tomorrow
Government transport statistics relating to personal travel
Sources of non-Government transport statistics
Electronic data capture in transport
Freight statistics following privatisation
Airport statistics
Statistics of transport for disabled people

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